Paragon International Wealth Management

Paragon International Wealth Management

Located in Toronto, Paragon International Wealth Management Inc. has built a reputation as a premier wealth management firm that specializes in providing advice on one of the most precious hard assets on the planet, fancy colored diamonds. Featuring over 75 years of experience in investing and diamonds, Paragon International Coloured Diamond Investment Advisory group strives to provide their clients with the best advice to receive the highest returns through their hard asset investments.

There are few assets that are able to provide the investment performance of fancy colored diamonds. In fact, they are considered by much of the world to be the number one form of portable wealth. They have been able to withstand countless recessions which have made them known as a recession proof form of investment. Considering that there is a global reduction n the supply of fancy colored diamonds, they are expected to increase in their value.

Through the years, Paragon International Wealth Management has created the ultimate blueprint to ensure that their clients are able to gain the highest return on their fancy colored diamond investment.


With almost 80 years of experience and expertise, Paragon International has learned the individual trends and nuances to succeed in the hard asset investment market.

Paragon has taken the time to develop strong relationships and bonds with others in the auction and jewelry industry. This has enabled Paragon to purchase the most beautiful colored diamonds at a fraction of the prices others are acquiring them at.

Every diamond that is procured by Paragon will be accompanied by a detailed grading report from an independent gemological laboratory that will define the diamond’s quality and grade.

It is important to note that Paragon International will not charge any management or advisory fees. The only fee that is associated with the service is a five percent commission for the resale of the client’s holdings. There will never be any type of markup on the price of diamonds that Paragon International will source for its clients.

Paragon International also offers its clients interest-free payment plans, which will allow investors to secure their diamonds at the current price, which will also allow them the opportunity for investment leverage.

Fancy colored diamonds are a long-term investment that will offer one a high yield with the potential for incredible growth. During the past 12 years alone, fancy one and two carot pink diamonds have increased by over 1,000 percent, with the much room for investment growth.

Paragon International Wealth Management Strategy

Paragon International Wealth Management, Toronto employ strategies that have worked historically over the years for many global investors. With our many years of experience, we have been able to further develop those strategies for the greatest opportunity of success while investing in the colored diamond market. The following are some of the key factors that are involved in that success:

Successful Market Analysis

One of the key factors involved in successful colored diamond investing begins with careful monitoring and research of the global market. Paragon International employs a dedicated research team that monitors and analyzes this key data from across the globe.

Our team will take the time to carefully analyze the data looking at the short and long-term performance which will allow us to understand the best choice for current investments. We will continue to monitor while looking for a set of ideal conditions for liquidation opportunities for our client’s holdings.

Diamond Purchases And Sales

You can not be an investor without having heard the expression of buying low and selling high. In fact, that is the simple rule t basic investing. However, this is one of those sayings that is much easier said than done. Paragon International uses its immense buying power to purchase diamonds well below market value for investment purposes. Through this process, our clients are able to secure diamonds at a much lower price.

Consistent Growth

Through history, colored diamonds have always shown an opportunity for growth. It is through this growth that has allowed the colored diamond to become the hard asset of choice for financial advisors across the globe.

Paragon International has created the ultimate set of investment techniques and strategies that take complete advantage of this growth factor in the colored diamond market.

About Paragon International Wealth Management

Many financial advisors believe that it is essential to include hard assets in a financial portfolio. There are several reasons why colored diamonds should be included in that portfolio:

Colored diamonds have consistently outperformed all other hard assets for years. In addition, they are not only durable but highly affordable. They have long been considered to be the number one form of portable wealth.

It is quite possible to carry millions of dollars in the palm of your hand. They have shown countless times to be recession proof and even rose in value during those times economic uncertainty.

Paragon International is known as the colored diamond advisory firm, featuring over 75 years of experience in the field.

The strategies that we employ on a daily basis are those that have been proven time and time again. Our knowledge of the market allows for success in the fancy diamond investment market.

We have some of the best connections in the auction and jewelry market which enable our clients to purchase diamonds at the lowest cost possible allowing for a much greater return on their portfolio.

We always acquire our colored diamonds at the best price and offer incredible advice that will always make Paragon International Wealth management the only source for your colored diamond market portfolio.

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